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What Is an Article Review?

From time to time, you can get an article review assignment from your tutor. What does this task entail? First of all, keep in mind that an article review is a piece of critical, constructive analysis of some academic article. Writing it involves the use of summary, classification, analysis, and comparison techniques. Your article should […]



What Is A Reflection Paper?

Academic writing comprises numerous research papers that students must complete as part of the evaluation process for the grading system. Among the many assignments, reflection papers allow students to express personal opinions on different issues while incorporating critical analysis. Though it is subjective and opinionated writing, you must maintain a formal tone since it is […]



What Is a Literature Review?

Reviewing the existing body of research on your subject is a fundamental component of any academic writing. It’s generally hard to justify your arguments, statements, and opinions on a specialized subject (the one that laypersons hardly know well) without seeking evidence in the academic literature. Thus, literature reviews are a common component of more extensive […]



What Is An Abstract For A Research Paper?

You might get an assignment to write an abstract without a clue on where to start. What is an abstract for research paper? Abstract writing forms an integral part of academic papers since it prefaces the entire research in a few words. Thus, an abstract a short explanation of a research paper that reveals the […]



What Is An Illustration Essay?

Students often deal with numerous types of essays in college as part of fulfilling their course programs. Illustration essays are part of the many assignments you have to complete as a student.  But you may be asking yourself “what is an illustration essay”? It is an academic paper that aims to demonstrate the accomplishment of […]

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When choosing an essay writing company to delegate their tasks to, many modern students face the same issue. Each agency operating in this field claims to be the best, most qualified, and overall amazing one. Here at SharpEssay, we don’t use such methods. Instead, we present ourselves as a reliable partner that can lend you as a student a helping hand whenever this might be needed.

Instead of claiming that every essay writer at our employ can prepare any assignment for you, we choose a completely different approach. At the earliest stages of checking the applications coming from aspiring authors, we strive to detect their study field. We believe that having someone who understands Physics at BA, MA, or even a Ph.D. level working on your homework for those complicated Thermodynamics subjects is a better way to go.

As this essay writer service is no newbie in the field – we’ve been there for you for five years already – we do know how things work. Our support agents have learned how to select the most appropriate writer to a certain order. The specialists working in our writers’ department can tell who’s gonna be a great credible author. Before deciding to cooperate with us, we encourage every potential customer to check the testimonials and feedback from those who’ve done it before.

Why Use Our Essay Writing Service?

Though we’ve never conducted any particular survey among our customers, the reasons why you may come to our online essay writing service are well known to our specialists. After all, we’ve all had a taste of life on-campus at least once. 

The range of typical issues modern students face may revolve around the following aspects:

  • constant lack of time to meet every academic assignment deadline;
  • poor time management skills, especially among freshers;
  • lack (or complete absence) of interest in a certain topic;
  • the instruction the tutors share with you may be too complex;
  • some health reasons or family obligations get in your way;
  • you might have missed a lesson (or a bunch of those) due to personal matters.

This list is far from being complete, and maybe your reason for checking out our essay writers is not included there. You may just be a lazy guy or gal, not feeling like completing an academic task or two. Whatever brought you here, let our pros help out!

Who Our Essay Writers Are

Here at SharpEssay, our main pride is all about the people we work with. These are all the support agents who will address your inquiries, the editors working on making each paper perfect, and, of course, essay writers – the authors of the texts we provide to the customers.

If you want to know what distinguishes a cheap essay writer from a real professional is the time, effort put in one’s work and the skill. To attend to all these matters, we offer great possibilities and arrange a comfortable workplace for our writers. Our authors are constantly learning. In addition to a stable workload and challenging tasks, they do hone their skills via different courses and masterclasses. 

Conversely, we strive for quality and quality, as the two should not necessarily exclude each other. Our large database of available writers enables finding the most suitable writer for any given topic – from good old English Literature to Management, Finance, and whatnot. Every writer beginning the work with our service goes through intensive guided training. Therefore, you’ll never get to work with an untrained newcomer.

If you are still not sure whether to choose a professional essay writer with our platform or do the work yourself, here is the last but not least, a dealmaker for you. The list of countries where we seek the writers is not long and is under the umbrella of English-speaking states:

  • The USA;
  • Australia; 
  • Canada;
  • UK;
  • Ireland;
  • New Zealand.

Write My Essay: Our Most Common Request

Many learners of all levels from all corners of the world come to us with a certain request. Most often, they ask our pros – “write my essay for me, please. Well, we can never say no to something put this way!

As our platform is all about offering customer-first experience, we have some lines that will never be crossed in our cooperation with clients. Here’s the list of the most important ones:

  1. No plagiarism will be found in the text you mat order from us. We know very well that borrowing others’ ideas is an offense that can bring much trouble to students’ lives. Thus, all our writers abstain from duplication of copying.
  2. No inexperienced writer will get to prepare a paper for you. This is virtually an unreal scenario, as all our pros are trained and have years of experience in the field of preparing academic texts.
  3. No failing deadlines are one of the policies of our platform. Once Sharpessay writers accept the request to write your paper, you can expect nothing less than respect towards the timeframe you indicate.
  4. No instruction will be left unmet in your paper. Moreover, you will get impeccable formatting for free. The same applies to the revisions – you will have 30 days to come to us if any part of the final work will require correction.

And here’s yet another perk – we work round the clock, so you can turn to us with the urgent orders anytime, day or night!

Is It Safe to Use a Cheap Essay Writing Service?

In such a competitive field as essay writing, there are all kinds of counterparts. There are agencies that present themselves as reliable partners, and there are cheap writing services that may seem like a scam to many. The main part here is to strike a gold balance. Moreover, there is an issue that has the name of a tight budget. Such a situation may be something you find yourself in as a student.

Luckily, constant rounds of market research our specialists conduct prove one thing – SharpEssay services are affordable to 95 % of students. We care about our primary audience and do our best to ensure a smart price-quality ratio. However, a reservation should be sounded here. Whenever you find yourself seeking cheap essay help, answer a simple question to yourself first.

Can qualitative assistance cost little to nothing? Surely, you’ll agree that things can’t be this way. As for us, we can confidently state that our price is standard for the market and yet it renumerates the responsible approach to work that our writers show.

Will Anyone Know I’ve Used Essay Help?

This is yet another question that bothers many students who are still cautious about external assistance with academic matters. And this is completely understandable – no learner will want to get caught turning to such measures as seeking essay help online.

As a team, we acknowledge this status quo. To this end, we have the best IT guys working in the respective departments. Their main goal is to ensure complete confidentiality and total anonymity to every aspect of our operation as essay help service.

Therefore, choosing us as your partner in academics-related deals, you can rest assured that no one will know that you’ve used our services. Hundreds of customers have been there before you, and no leakage or data breach has ever occurred. Cooperating with the SharpEssay platform will only advance your academic stance!

We Are Top-Quality College Essay Writing Service

Our main audience is 100 % of college students. As a reliable college essay writing service, we make preparing all kinds of academic papers easy and smooth for all the learners out there. Ordinarily, quality is our all-time top priority, and our operation’s main goal as a writing agency.

Thus, if you ever find yourself facing a tough, too complicated syllabus or a looming deadline, know that we have your back at all times. Writing a custom essay, research paper, Capstone project, or any other kind of academic assignment is a piece of cake for most of our writers.

So, choosing us, you can finally let go of all the stress and academic anxiety that college can pose to you. Don’t let daunting tasks haunt you anymore. You know the name of the agency you can turn to at all times! Notwithstanding the seeming complexity of the task or shortness of time, the pros at our platform will make your lives easier. No need to get bogged down under the academic pressure – not anymore!

Let the most professional writers employed at SharpEssay be your saving grace in the toughest of times. There is no situation too dire for us to not be able to handle. Finally, you’ve found the right people to delegate your writing tasks. From our side, we’ll stick to our word and will do everything not to let you down – ever!