How To Choose Process Essay Topics

Essay writing is a diverse exercise that entails numerous academic papers. Process essays are among the academic assignments that tutors issue as part of the learning process. It involves an instructional writing style that guides the readers to complete a particular action. Usually, process essays are common in technical courses to explain complicated concepts logically and objectively. It is an involving paper that requires research to write an outstanding essay. Therefore, you need to select a relevant process essay topic that has appropriate content. 

This article delves into giving you a deeper insight into various process analysis essay topics and tips to help you choose the best topic.

Tips for Choosing A Process Essay Topic

The first step in writing process essays is selecting a relevant topic. Since it is a demanding paper, you might find it challenging to get an interesting instructional essay to educate your readers. Unlike standard essays, process papers require you to teach and instruct the audience to do a particular task. 

Moreover, you must conduct a brainstorming session to have an array of possible topics. Make sure you narrow it down to a few process analysis essay topics that align with the subject matter. Weigh and pick one that offers sufficient evidence to develop an exceptional how-to essay with detailed explanations.

Insightful tips to help you select the best process essay topics

  1. Familiar topic. Choose an instructional topic that you are familiar with to avoid writing shallow content. Make sure it is helpful and practical.
  1. Research. Even if you know the steps, you need to research extensively to get accurate information on the process of interest. 
  1. Brainstorm. Come up with several topics before settling on one. Brainstorming allows you to narrow your options and pick the best topic.
  1. Add all steps. It is essential to add all the vital steps about your process of interest in chronological order. Doing this allows you to know whether your essay will have sufficient content or not.
  1. Write detailed explanations. Ensure that each explanation is detailed with content that makes the reader understand what you are communicating.
  1. Define unfamiliar terms. If there are any complicated words, write clear definitions to avoid vague meanings.
  1. Clear descriptions. If there are any materials or tools needed to complete the work, you have to describe them clearly.

Let us now take a closer look at several subject disciplines and topic ideas that can help you to compose remarkable instructional essays.


Housekeeping involves controlling or eliminating hazards in the home or workplace. Hence, it is a suitable subject for crafting process essays due to the instructional nature of how to do housekeeping chores. 

List of interesting how-to topic ideas:


  • Maintain clean walls and floors
  • Eliminate household pests
  • Clean kitchen surfaces
  • Organize your office
  • Clean your bathroom
  • Mow your lawn 
  • Avoid slippery floors
  • Mop a floor
  • Maintain a neat room
  • Clean a refrigerator


Picking a topic in the health category may seem challenging, but it offers the best instructional papers. Health topics are relatable to everyone, and that is why it is appropriate for process essays. 

The following are topic ideas in the health category:


  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Prevent addiction
  • Avoid insomnia
  • Maintain a stable blood pressure level
  • Manage depressive episodes
  • Prevent anxiety disorders
  • Avoid teenage pregnancies
  • Manage stress
  • Stop a bad habit
  • Lose weight without exercises


Communication is a process that makes human interaction possible through information sharing and understanding different opinions and facts. You need to know how to communicate effectively in any given situation. Hence, communication forms a rich ground for process essays.

Below are topic ideas about communication.


  • Identify a compatible partner 
  • Get a good college roommate
  • Plan a party
  • Use social media responsibly
  • Maintain good friendships
  • Avoid bad relationships
  • Be a responsible citizen
  • Gain confidence at the workplace
  • Quit a job
  • Become a good example to children


Writing instructional essays about education is easy because you can cover a wide array of topics. Education comprises numerous subject disciplines that you can craft excellent process essays.

The following are topic ideas about education:


  • Achieve good grades
  • Write a research paper
  • Balance academics and social life
  • Avoid burnout in college
  • Study for exams 
  • Become an academic writer 
  • Write a good college essay
  • Make friends as a freshman
  • Complete academic assignments on time
  • Develop arguments in a thesis


College life has many sporting activities that students can engage in as part of the extra-curricular activities. Therefore, you can compose excellent essays from sports topics because it has many categories.

You can use the below topic ideas to craft interesting essays:


  • Win a poker game
  • Play baseball
  • Join a football team
  • Become a good basketball player
  • Train for marathons
  • Join commercial athletics
  • Treat sports injuries
  • Gain self-control in judo
  • Get a qualified trainer
  • Play virtual sports games


Carrier topic ideas make excellent essays since you are explaining detailed instructions to complete a particular responsibility. 

Below are topic ideas to jumpstart your essay.


  • Babysit without losing patience
  • Care for a new-born child
  • Toilet train a toddler
  • Resolve disagreements with your partner
  • Raise responsible children
  • Appreciate other people
  • Get along with a rude teen
  • Raise a happy baby
  • Pack for a trip with children
  • Identify leadership traits in children


There are different reasons why people love having pets. That is why you can craft exceptional how-to essays about pets. 

The following are some topic ideas to get you started.


  • Teach your dog tricks
  • Wash your cat
  • Become a good pet owner
  • Ride horses
  • Create a regular diet for pets
  • House train a puppy
  • Feed a parrot
  • Tame exotic animals
  • Build a kennel
  • Play fetch with an untrained dog


Cooking covers a broad subject area; thus, you can get exciting process analysis essay topics. It is among the categories with detailed instructional essays.

Below are some of the topic ideas: 


  • Make tasty hamburgers
  • Cook broccoli soup
  • Make ice cream
  • Bake banana bread
  • Become an egg expert
  • Prepare chicken
  • Make crunchy brownies
  • Cook a simple healthy meal 
  • Brew strong coffee
  • Prepare and cook fish


Ecology is a science subject with numerous fundamental principles relating to the environment and living organisms. If you are looking for the best process essay topics, ecology is a perfect category.

The following are some of the topic ideas: 


  • Prevent plants from extinction
  • Manage an eco-friendly environment
  • Prepare a greenhouse
  • Recycle plastic bottles
  • Reduce carbon pollution
  • Improve water quality
  • Prepare compost manure
  • Make a kitchen garden in your backyard
  • Dispose of motor oil
  • Save water at home


Today, technology is a significant aspect of daily operations. Thus, it forms a basis for composing remarkable instructional essays. 

The following are some of the topic ideas about technology. 


  • Edit a digital photograph
  • Become a professional photographer
  • Use a smartphone with maximum value 
  • Enhance communication with technology 
  • Use social media for business marketing
  • Conduct business operations with innovative apps 
  • Become a video editor
  • Study programming languages
  • Avoid Internet addiction 
  • Design a website

Industrial Process Essay Topics

Most students perceive industrial papers as complicated and involving. But if you pick an appropriate topic, your writing process will flow seamlessly.

Below are some of the industrial topics:


  • Install solar panels 
  • Produce newspapers
  • Build a wooden coffee table
  • Transform cotton balls into cloth
  • Manufacture paper products
  • Mould ceramic bowls
  • Cut metallic items
  • Distill water
  • Make steel
  • Produce local biogas

Process Essay Topics On Science 

Science is a mandatory subject discipline at all academic levels. Due to its diverse nature, you can get many topic ideas for your essay. 

Below are some of the science-related topics:

  • Formation of acid rain
  • Formation of clouds
  • How DNA replicates in the human body
  • Formation of planets
  • How the human eye works
  • The process of a chemical reaction
  • How to detect metals in water
  • How friction produces electricity 
  • How to evaluate food quality
  • How to treat water


Everyone loves the adventure and experience of traveling. It is an interesting subject with numerous topic ideas to cover. 

Check out the following traveling topics for a process essay:


  • Create time for a vacation 
  • Pack for a foreign trip
  • Travel on a budget overseas
  • Become a local tourist
  • Travel alone and have fun
  • Pack for a hitchhiking trip
  • Travel with family and friends
  • Choose the essentials for a short holiday
  • Manage jetlag when you reach your travel destination
  • Appreciate different cultures when traveling


The following are some of the topic ideas that relate to writing. Since it is a diverse subject, you can’t miss an idea to write an excellent paper. Below are the topic ideas:


  • Write a comedy script
  • Choose a suitable publisher
  • Write an academic paper
  • Cite a thesis
  • Become a better writer
  • Search for relevant resources online
  • Self-publish your first book
  • Write a winning resume
  • Avoid distractions while writing
  • Write a children’s book


Below are captivating instructional essay topics about survival:


  • Survive with no water in the wild
  • Avoid getting lost in a forest
  • Make fire with sticks
  • Use a GPS tracker
  • Manage supplies in a war-torn region
  • Survive a hiking trip
  • Create shelter using natural resources
  • Use a compass when lost
  • Use a parachute in an emergency
  • Survive inflation on a budget