What Is a Process Essay?

When it comes to academic writing, students deal with numerous essay types due to various subjects. Your professor might give you a process essay to write, and you have no idea where to start. A process essay is an instructional type of paper that entails a how-to guide for the readers to follow specific steps to achieve a final predetermined result. 

A majority of college students don’t know how to write a process essay because it requires technical concepts and accurate information to meet the primary goal. Since the essay follows a precise step-by-step format, the writer must be keen to incorporate all the tutor’s instructions to the dot. 

Whether you get an assignment to build a technological device or to bake banana bread, you must understand the writing process from the first step to the last. Furthermore, process essays should portray logic because the steps are sequential. If you add a false instruction or miss a step, you will compromise the whole process. 

Therefore, it is essential to ensure the readers follow each instruction in the essay, which is achieved by clear writing. Prepare well if you want to compose an outstanding essay.

How to Write a Process Essay

Though process essays may seem self-explanatory, writing the instructions requires an in-depth understanding. You need to know the content of the instructional paper you want to analyze. Thus, you must be careful when picking a topic to ensure it delivers the intended message. 

If you want to learn how to write a process analysis essay, here are essential preplanning phases you should consider before immersing yourself in the composition.

  • Target Audience

Like any other academic paper, it is of paramount importance to figure out the identity of the intended audience in a process essay. Finding out if readers are highly educated or have basic skills will help you know the approach you will use in the process essay. Whether you will use simple terms or a more advanced and informative vocabulary, ensure you know your readers for efficient communication.

  • List materials

Since this is a how-to essay, it involves creating something by following instructions and necessary items to achieve the outcome. Thus, list down all the materials or ideas you need before proceeding to write the steps. Each item must have a unique meaning that will add value to the essay’s quality. Essential materials must be on top of the list.

  • Write the steps

An exceptional how-to essay flows logically, revealing each step in a sequence. If you skip one, you will have a half-baked paper. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with the whole process from start to finish. Explain each process in detail but avoid introducing unnecessary information that might be confusing to the readers. Communicate clearly to make the audience understand all the instructions. 

What Can I Write About? 

As the name suggests, process essays are all about instructions and procedures to complete a particular action.  If you are grappling with how to write a process analysis, essay examples online can help you identify a suitable subject to explore. 

Instructional papers cover diverse subjects. Below are topic ideas you can use to jumpstart your process assignment:


  • Build a business with few resources
  • Boost your immunity to prevent COVID-19 infections
  • Start a profitable online business
  • Become a responsible parent
  • Practice moderation in using social media
  • Prepare home-made peanut butter jelly
  • Avoid mental breakdowns 
  • Lose weight without intense dieting
  • Get out of toxic relationships
  • Manage time and avoid procrastinating 

As you can observe, process essays cover a wide array of different aspects. It ranges from business, health, parenting, relationships to technology, among other household procedures, such as making meals and beverages. You can practically write about any process as long as it aims to achieve a specific outcome. 

Process Essay Outline

Having a proper outline when crafting a process essay is critical since it simplifies the writing process. You may have a tight schedule with many other assignments waiting for you at the end of the day. So, if you have an outline for each paper, you will not waste time in long hours of research and writing. Below is an outline overview that demonstrates how to write a process essay step by step. 

  1. Introduction 

The introductory section is the most impactful since it allows the audience to know what your process paper entails. Therefore, after carefully selecting a suitable topic, you can introduce it and let the readers understand your essay’s objective. Why did you pick the topic in question, and what strategies will you use to achieve an outstanding process essay? You can also reveal your thoughts on why the process is significant and how it will help the readers. 

  1. Main Body

The life of an essay lies in the body paragraphs. In this section, highlight in detailed explanations all the instructions in several paragraphs. Each step should be separate for easier understanding and logical flow. Moreover, don’t forget to use suitable transitional words to stitch the paragraphs. It is also imperative for the writer to incorporate detailed descriptions in each paragraph.

  1. Conclusion

Finally, the last section concludes your paper. Here, you should summarize the entire process in a few sentences. Do not replicate the steps word by word because it will bore the audience. However, you have to recap the significant ideas and steps outlined in the essay. Don’t forget to indicate the projected results after completing the procedure. 

Process Essay Example

Our expert writers have composed process essay examples for your perusal.  Review it to understand the logic and intricate details of writing such an academic assignment. Here is one sample you can examine to guide you in completing your essay.

Topic: How to Save Extra Money In College


College life is quite exciting and demanding in equal measures. Students usually operate on frugal budgets to survive the high college expenses. That is why part-time jobs often come in handy to supplement the meager allowances you receive from your parents or guardian. Despite the stringent budget, you might be tempted to purchase exorbitant items and live lavishly to enjoy the new-found college freedom. But we all know the importance of saving extra cash for a rainy day. Therefore, having savings provides financial independence since you can venture into investments, live debt-free and within your budget comfortably.

Main Body:

Learning how to save money in college is an essential skill that goes a long way in incorporating financial discipline. Not only will you become a wise spender but also an independent investor in the future. One primary reason for putting aside extra cash is to have a cushion against unforeseen emergencies, such as illnesses, extra study materials to purchase, or moving expenses, etc. 

As a student, no matter the financial constraints, you must also monitor your daily and monthly expenditure to know your estimated budget. Make sure you collect and organize all the data relating to income and expenses in a spreadsheet document. It is essential to capture each detail for accuracy and to identify the essential expenses. Finally, cross out all the luxury spending and decide what you will leave out in your daily expenditures.

Therefore, generate a realistic budget that factors all your income. Whether it is a student grant, allowance, or part-time job, make sure you capture them in your budget. Schedule a session each week to confirm if you are living within the set financial plan. While you are at it, you can put aside 15% of your total income every month in a savings account. To increase motivation, have a concrete goal you can use as a basis for saving your money. For instance, you can save money to purchase a laptop or a car.


Ultimately, saving money in college will help you become financially disciplined and objective. If you complete the steps above, you will save a substantial amount of money that you can use to fulfill a particular goal or to help you during rainy days. 

Tracking your expenses is critical since you will avoid bad spending habits. Moreover, you will be in control of your finances and be able to save extra cash. Learning the art of saving helps you become financially independent while providing a safety net during uncertain times.

Popular Mistakes When Writing A Process Analysis Essay

With the insightful guideline above, you now understand what is a process essay. You can now compose an excellent paper without doubting any step. However, writing is not everyone’s forte, and many may blunder along the way. No one wants to get poor grades, but avoiding the following mistakes will make your paper flawless:

  1. Misunderstanding the topic

Sometimes writers may interpret a topic differently from the required prompt. Such a scenario often affects the entire essay since you will deliver an incomplete paper with the wrong instructions. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the essay’s expectations to maintain focus within the subject analysis.

  1. Boring introductions

You must captivate the readers with an exciting introduction lest they stop reading your paper. Make sure the thesis is clear and contains enough information about your research objective.

  1. Shallow descriptions

Instructional papers require in-depth descriptions to allow the audience to understand each step of the process. Thus, avoid shallow descriptions, and research extensively about each topic to collect substantial evidence.

  1. Use of complicated jargon

Use simple language to communicate to avoid going overboard. This is why you must evaluate the skill level of the intended audience. Complex vocabularies will compromise your paper.

  1. Illogical Flow

Having a paper without logical and transitional flow is a huge blunder that will result in a substandard assignment. Thus, make sure the steps are clear and flow seamlessly. Use connecting words to link your sentences and paragraphs.

Avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and you will turn in a well-polished process essay paper that exudes quality and impressive work.