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Choose an editing option, not writing from scratch. That means, of course, that you must provide us with the draft of your paper. The final price will depend on how much we had to change to make it perfect in regards to grammar, coherence, and style. It’s negotiable, so contact us right away!
The last fabulous hint we offer to implement is to ask your writer to review the suggested sources. Thus you get the essential data to elaborate upon.

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Let us describe the bonuses we offer in a bit more detail.
If the paper you got from us does not correspond to the initial instructions you provided while buying it, we immediately take it back upon your request. We acknowledge that a writer might take some of the requirements wrong, and it is our full responsibility to fix all the inconsistencies. Considering it, please pay particular attention to the initial order instructions. The quality of our work depends on them, and they should be clear and precise.
We understand that your time is valuable, so when we fail to meet the deadline, you are sure to get compensation for the delay.
It is also not unheard of after you bought a perfect term paper in APA format on our website and outlined how it must be done, and your professor had amended the requirements quite much. Even if your paper is halfway done by the moment you inform us about the change, we can still fix it. Keep calm and contact our support manager: depending on how much of your writing needs revision, we will set a reasonable price change.

What Makes APA Different From The Other Styles?

If you are still hesitant to buy a term paper in APA format on the SharpEssay website, don’t rush it, take your time. As we already mentioned, you can always let us revise your paper. Keep in mind that besides showcasing your expertise in the topic chosen, the paper must have a title and reference pages; abstract, introduction, main body, and conclusion. In turn, the abstract should be structured in the purpose, thesis statement, summary, and recommendations. The main body must be logically arranged, as well.
Your task may also imply the addition of footnotes, tables, figures, and appendices. As for the formats of fonts, margins, line spacing, paragraph alignment, and indentation, even the official APA guide does not give precise recommendations.
The thing is that, most likely, your institution has adopted its own, in-house, academic style that is based on APA or closely resembles it. For example, both Calibri 11 and Times New Roman 12 is valid within APA, but your academe prefers Calibri. So please let us know about the preferences of your institution (and, more importantly, your tutor!) because your grade and reputation depend on it!

Do you have trouble with special software? PowerPoint is the least complex piece of software we work with. Let us know if your APA writing must include charts or diagrams, mathematical formulas, or any other data representation.
APA regulations go beyond structure and citation style. To make a paper genuinely scientific, one must speak the bias-free language, so to say. Whenever historical context, age, disability, gender, racial and ethnic identity, sexual orientation, social or financial status are mentioned in the paper, the author should not fall to using judgmental or disrespectful statements.
Be dispassionate at all times. In certain cases, imprecise statements also count as bias. For example, using the word “man” in the meaning of “human” (referring to people in general) is incorrect. Likewise, using the word “he” referring to a person whose gender is unknown falls into the same category. Be gender-neutral and use “they” or “them.”

One Home For All Of Your Assignments

There’s no need to know how the 6th APA revision is different from the 7th. Our writers know it all. They also know all the peculiarities of usage of the most common academic style, MLA, and the less popular ones, like Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian. Does your professor want a unique style? Let us know, and we’ll do it!
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