The process of writing a term paper no matter how good you are at it is never one that a student looks forward to. The reason for this is simple; it is a hard and grueling task that becomes boring as it continues on. Most students complain of losing interest in writing the paper and failing to come up with new ideas as time wears on as their imagination lulls to sleep due to the lack of entertainment. Thus, injecting some fun in to the whole writing process is the only way that you can make the whole exercise bearable and might end up with some truly inspirational ideas. The best way to do it is to turn the task of writing a paper into a drinking game.

How to Setup for the Drinking Game

Before you start with your drinking game, you should take note of a few things. The first of them would be to save a copy of the paper that you have written so far in a flash drive or a CD just in case your new test fails and you end up deleting everything that you have written up so far. After doing this important task start making arrangements for the drinking game by getting your hands on some quality booze. You can either get your hands onto multiple types of brews, or you can go for a single one that you like the most. Just make sure that you have enough available to last the night.

Rules of the Drinking Game

The rules of the drinking game should be simple enough so that you do not have much trouble enforcing them, especially during the back end of the game when you are extremely drunk and might not have a fully functional brain. Here are some general rules that you can use for your writing paper drinking game.
• Each time you end up a dead end or a page that displays the 404 error, you should take one shot. If the page you are pursuing came from Wikipedia, take two shots instead of one.
• During writing the paper, if you find yourself getting lost for words take a single shot and take two if you see that you have started writing the same point again and again.
• If you come across a word that is extremely hard to pronounce and spell, then take shots for each of its syllables.
• Coming across pages that are full of foot notes and do not have much content on them otherwise should merit two shots.
• If you find yourself stretching a single idea that can be easily summarized in a single paragraph to two or more, then take at least one shot.
• Thoughts of lengthening the paper by making formatting changes or increasing the font should result in taking two shots.
• Each time you find yourself playing some stupid Facebook game, you should take one shot.
• If you lose track of what you were trying to find on a page until you scroll down to the end, then take a single shot.
• Instances when you find yourself calculating how many words you will have to type out per minute if you were to conclude the paper that very night should merit one shot.
• Getting stuck at website that requires you to find the help of a friend have a subscription to a journal should also result in taking a single shot.

Bonus Shots

If the number of shots mentioned in the above rules are not enough for you, then you can add bonus shots for instances when you update your Facebook or Twitter status about your paper’s progress. When you have to rewrite a single sentence multiple times, and every time you find yourself trying to use multiple words to explain a single one.