Writing services, in general, and essay writing services, in particular, have become very popular in the recent years. There is a significant demand for such services. That is why it is not surprising that a lot of entities have become to propose custom writing services in a form of the so-called writing services company. Usually, such companies are organized in a form of virtual platform, where students or other people may simply order and buy an essay or research paper. A person just need to enter such website, to provide all the requirements to a paper, pay for the work and get a high quality paper according to deadlines. These services can be divided into two groups. On the other hand, a person can get custom essay writing services. For example, a person can order a typical essay for a general subject. On the other hand, a person can order some specialized research services. Such services range from gathering all the required information and translation to writing a research paper. Of course, the last service is more expensive than the previous one.

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Thus, the question is whether such practice is right or not. Frankly speaking, we believe that such practice is wrong. It has been already mentioned that dissertation writing is the first step to the further scientific life. This step is crucially important. Of course, such step cannot be associated with such form of cheating as custom essay writing service. There is no guarantee that such person will not use such form of cheating in the future. A scientist cannot be a cheater. He should be an innovative and creative person that is able to change the world. He should be a person we can rely on. It is an obvious fact that we cannot rely on a cheater.

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On the other hand, we understand that there may be some external obstacle for a person to write an effective dissertation. Disease or lack of time can be pointed out among such obstacles. That is why we can be sure that a person may require some help in the process of dissertation writing. In fact writing service companies are a good solution in such cases. generally, there are no black o white colors in this difficult life. We can treat every our step as grey. That is why it may be sometimes justified to use writing service companies’ support in the process of dissertation writing.

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