How well set is your privacy protection?

We are very serious about protecting your privacy. We have purposefully developed an elaborate Client Management System which allows us to perform all the operations requiring usage of your private information within one digital location and therefore enables us to guarantee your identity or private data is not compromised.

What is the mode you use to deliver the work?

We store one copy of your work in the account and one more will be sent to the e-mail you provide.

What should I do if my paper was not delivered on time?

Immediately contact our 24/7 support either using the Live Chat or phone. There are quite a lot of issues preventing the order from being delivered on time including technical ones. To resolve any of these you will need assistance and out Support team is there to do the job.

Who is going to write for me?

The carefully selected and tested writing team we employ includes qualified professionals who are selected and tested based on a number of features:

  • Academic record
  • Professional experience
  • Online testing results and sample Essay assessment
  • Historic record of writing in a particular field based on our partnership with particular writer
  • Writer’s willingness to commit to our tasks.

Is there any particular reason which would make me order from you?

We can list a number of such reasons. We take care about your order and preserve high standard of academic writing because we truly believe our customers are the community of people worth best possible treatment. We are dedicated to making your life easier. We provide clear guarantees and have strict policies to ensure quality and user satisfaction. Every day we work to make sure you are getting best service available.

Can I be sure about your web site’s security?

You can. Your security is one of our main priorities and it is one of the core factors shaping our services. We operate PayPal as our payment processor because of it’s status of trusted and verified solutions serving more than 150 millions of users worldwide.

How do I contact you in case I need?

We have a Contact section for that purpose.

What can I do if I am not completely happy with my paper?

At we have special policy aimed at assisting people who believe their work is not up to the requirements. Every our customer is eligible to paper correction and we are ready to invest time and effort to ensure the best outcome.

Can you resell the essays? will not resell essays under any conditions.

Can your clients encounter plagiarism issues?

Our papers go through double – stage control process which ensures we are able to detect any instances of plagiarism and therefore provide you totally unique papers .