It is a known fact that writing a resume is quite challenging for a student who has just come out of college and is looking to develop his first Curriculum Vitae. It does not matter whether you are a good writer or not, you are bound to have some problems before you master this art. In such times, finding help from an online source regarding resume writing is the perfect answer to your needs. The following are some of the resources that you can turn to for getting tips about forming a graduate resume.


Experience is a website that goes beyond giving advice about resume writing. It offers students a chance to get information about how they can proceed in order to land a job in the field they prefer. You can get help regarding job interviews, how to get internships and about the study options available to you for continuing your education.

New Grad Life

New Grad Life is one of the recently developed websites that have started offering help to the students in terms of building up a good resume. The help offered by this website is unique in the sense that they offer tips to the students about how to promote and market their resume in addition to developing them. The website enlightens students about the new methods that are available to them for nailing a job interview as well.


Resume-Help is a website whose core purpose is to offer help to the students in creating their first resumes. The website has templates that can be used for this purpose and offers up a ton of advice on the subject as well. Though the resumes you build with the help of the templates they provide are simple at best, they are powerful enough to get your resume noticed by the hiring managers.


IMDiversity is the perfect platform for students and graduates who have just stepped out of college and are looking for their first job. The website brings together both employers and graduates on a single plane, and offers them the chance to know and connect with one another. You can build your profile on this website which is going to serve as your first resume too.


Monster is perhaps the most widely respected and regarded job portal on the internet at the present moment that enlists national as well as international job opportunities. The website has a very well-built resume building engine, as well as the fact that it provides tutorials and templates for the students to come up with resumes that are good enough to earn them their first job interviews.

College Central

College Central is another of the platforms whose aim is to bring the employers and the graduates on a same level so that they can get to know each other. The website also offers a great deal of tips to the students, not only about resume building, but also with regards to interviews and how to get job promotions.

College Grad

College Grad is a very useful resource for students looking to develop their very first resume. The website has excellent resume wizards and samples available for the students that can be used for writing truly convincing resumes. Moreover, the website offers up a numbers of great tips for art students to develop unique and creative resumes too.

Yale Undergraduate Career Services

The Yale Undergraduate Career Service is the place to be if you want to get the best help imaginable for writing a great resume. The website offers up advice from experts and pros that can aid your resume building efforts and coming up with a stellar CV in a very short period of time.

Grad to Great

Grad to Great is a resume writing resource for novice students who have no prior experience of writing a resume. The website provides samples and templates that can be used for making a good enough resume and also offers networking advice for the students too.