There are a number of fun things that you and your friends can do together in college which you are hardly going to have time for in the future. The following is a list of the things that you should absolutely try before your college life ends.

Water Balloon Fights

Have a water balloon fight with your friends on campus.

Playing Hide and Seek at a Departmental Store

Start playing a game of hide and seek in a big department store like Wal-Mart.

Matching Haircuts

Get your friends to have the same hair cut as you.

Swimming in the School Fountain

Get naughty and go for a swim in the school fountain.

Arrange a Tournament for Guitar Players

Get your friends to arrange a guitar hero tournament on campus.

Arrange an Eating Contest

Schedule an eating contest among friends, and see who the fastest eater among you is.

Painting Pottery

Take some time for art and paint some pottery.

Making Burn Books

Make a burn book in the style as shown in the movie Mean Girls.

Milkshake Drinking Game

Indulge in a milkshake drinking game and see which one of you spills the most.

Nerf Gun War

Have a Nerf Gun war with your friends.

Donate Blood

Take time to go to a hospital and donate some blood.

Cornhole Tournament

Hold a Cornhole tournament on campus.

Slumber Parties

Arrange slumber parties with girls and ask the boys to crash them.

Create Music Videos

Use lip-synching to come up with your own versions of music videos.


Host a prom.

Road Trip

Plan and go on a road trip to a far off town with your friends.

Drive 5-Speed Car

Learn to drive a 5-speed car.

Pride Parade

Plan a visit to a pride parade and have fun.

Taste Wines

Have you and your friends taste wines other than the tested white and red wines.

Help Someone in Making a Team

Help any of your friends in putting together a team.

Exotic Foods

Try an exotic dish that you cannot even pronounce properly.

Progressive Dinner

Hold a progressive dinner either at your own home or one of your friends’ homes.

Fortune Teller

Go to a fortune teller and ask him/her about your future.

Faux Senior Portrait Session

Set up a faux senior portrait sessions and see how things turn up.

Mixed CDs

Make mixed CDs and then swap them with the ones made by your pals.

TV Marathon

Have a TV marathon with your friends with the boys and girls watching their own favorite TV series for an entire night.


Start a blog and invite your friends to send in their pieces and comment on each other’s posts.

Flash Mob

Plan a flash mob with your friends.

Saran Wrap Public Toilets

Use saran wrap son all of the public toilets on your campus.

Play-Off Games

Go to the play-off games of any of the sport your college participates in.

Booby Traps

Booby-trap one of your classmate’s dorm rooms.

Clean Closets

Clean out your closets and share the things that you find in them your friends.


Hold a cook-off among friends who don’t know how to cook and award those who make the worst dishes.


Plan a picnic on campus with your friends and class mates.

Make Gym Outfits

Create absurd gym outfits and wear them to the gym for a workout.

Riding a Bus

Ride the bus around town with your friends and get to know the local history.

House Warming Party

Throw a housewarming party every time one of your friends gets a new home.

Spin the Bottle

Play “spin the bottle” with your college buddies in the college library.

Costume Party

Plan a costume party with your friends and host it at our home.

Drive-In Movie

Go for a drive-in movie cinema with your friends.