It is not a common thing for a professional writing service to provide a refund on its services. However following cases are substantial reason to issue one:

  • The paper was late (more than 3 hours from Deadline);
  • The paper was reliably proven to be plagiarized;
  • The requirements to the paper were not met in terms of topic following or quality of the research;
  • Due to its nature refund is subject to careful study and issued individually;

There is a possibility of revision being organized for a paper. A revision is meant to be a minor change intended only to correct the issues which are not in line with the initial requirement to the paper. Revisions are guided by following rules:

  • Revision is done within 48 hours period;
  • Revision should be requested no later than in 14 days since the initial order was delivered;
  • General Terms and Conditions are not violated;
  • No changes were made to the paper before submitting it for revision;