Internet is not only a place where you can find extensive opportunities but also a place where it is extremely easy to lose your private data or see it stolen. To make things worse our clients are extremely vulnerable to data loss because of the special nature of services we provide. Therefore we have developed an elaborate system of data protection.

Payment options

Because of the extremely hostile environment full of the credit card data fraud we decided to select PayPal as the main payment option. We believe that security level of the particular payment solution is best – of – class and therefore provides maximal protection to our customers.

Private Information

In order to be able to work on your order and communicate to you we are forced to ask you to provide us contact details and personal information. These are:

  • E-mail which will be our primary way of contacting you and the way we send you completed work;
  • Phone Number which we will use to contact you in case E-mail is not sufficient;
  • Name – just to be able to refer to you properly;
  • We must assure you that your information is saved securely and will never be released to third parties;


Everyone who is employed with SharpEssay is obliged to sign a full non-disclosure agreement. This is true for writers, technical staff, support and IT. We dedicate great effort to implementing all possible measures to protect your data within our system and therefore may assure you of the security and reliability of the service;

External links

Sometimes you will find links to external resources on our pages. These are intended to provide you with some useful guidance or advice. Yet we can not bear responsibility for the risks associated with visiting these;