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Any student wishing to pursue a higher education will first need to prove themselves to their chosen institution with an impressive application.

What is a Scholarship Essay?

A vital element of any scholarship essay is the common application essay, which must be written by you and then submitted to the board of faculty members, who will then use it as the basis for their decision as to whether you have earned a place in their institution. While your exam scores are also important and will be taken into account during the student selection process, these numeric statistics alone are not enough to evaluate candidates and it takes a well-written scholarship essay to convince them.

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Unlike your college admission essay, scholarship essay is not just read by education professionals and one of the most important things you can do before writing one is to know your audience. Who exactly your audience is will differ depending on the nature of the scholarships in question so it is important that you do your research, find out about all the various groups, professional associations, charities or funds involved and then write the scholarship essay that they will want to see. Both types of papers are vital as it ultimately determines whether you get in or not. Good grades go a long way but if all applicants have good grades, which is usually the case among those applying to the more prestigious establishments, it takes a decent written piece to make you stand out in the crowd.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Scholarship Essay

It takes several simple steps to write a good scholarship essay. Know your audience. Whatever type of scholarship essay is in question, you need to know exactly who your targets are, what they look for in a successful candidate and what you can do to impress them. Write your creative assignment in the form of a thesis. It may sound strange in relation to this particular assignment but writing it in this way will provide a much more convincing argument for accepting your scholarship essay. Don’t be scared to brag, in fact this is one of those rare occasions when showing off is a good thing, provided you have the evidence to back it all up. Your achievements are important so you need to make as much of them as possible and show how unique and talented you are. Choose your words wisely. Every word counts here and the worst thing you can do is pad out your scholarship essay with useless or generic information. You are a valuable candidate with achievements behind you and goals ahead of you so you need to convey all of this in the best way possible. Not only does your scholarship essay needs to be impressive but also readable. It goes without saying that there can be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors so be sure to proof read it and make sure it is absolutely perfect.
Top Ten Tips:

  1. Know your audience and reach out to them.
  2. Stick to the word limit.
  3. Always proof-read.
  4. Have someone else proof-read it and give you feedback.
  5. Look at other admission and scholarship essay examples.
  6. Show off your achievements.
  7. Keep it interesting and unique.
  8. Never plagiarize.
  9. Always type it.
  10. Make every word count.

Application Essay: Why Seek Expert Assistance?

Application essay may require when you try to enter the college or university. It will often be the case that you are required to complete several unique college entrance essays but the problem here is that you may not have the time for such application essay. Each one needs to be of the highest quality and as the clock ticks down towards the deadline, it might be worth hiring an external expert to do the job for you.

External writers have their advantages:

  • Professional writers produce professional results.
  • Their knowledge of the academic world means they will write a high-quality application essay tailored towards it.
  • They have the required life experience to be successful and avoid mistakes.

However there potential problems:

  • External writers may plagiarize, resulting in instant failure.
  • Some writers may miss your deadline.
  • You may end up with a low-quality work.

To avoid such problems, you need to do your research before hiring anyone, in order to ensure you only use well-established writing services with a proven track record. Read reviews and, if you can, read some of their previous college application essay examples.

Application Essay: The Hardest Part – Adding Personality

The aforementioned issues in application essay may all be important but they are also common knowledge and every respectable applicant will apply them to their application essays. The real trick is to incorporate all of the vital elements and combine them with a personal touch, otherwise your application essay may come across as boring and generic. Faculty members are not just looking for statistics; they want to know about the person responsible for them, which is why you need all your best personal qualities to be conveyed in your writing. Don’t be scared to add some humour as it will certainly make your common application essay much more memorable. The one written by Hugh Gallagher when applying to New York University is a classic example that may have been risky but it got their attention. Be unique, interesting and clear. Your paper needs to show that you have a lot to offer and are the ideal candidate for that institution.

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