Many students have been known to change during the course of their academic career. The biggest change is noticed during their entry into college from high school. Most students who were careless and spirited in their high school years tend to become studious and start showing signs of being a nerd when they step into college. The following is a list of these signs that can confirm whether a student has become a nerd or not.

Waiting Eagerly for Back to School Sales

Students usually are very expectant about sales that follow events like Thanksgiving and Christmas, whereas nerds wait for those sales that are offered in mid-August when the schools are about to reopen.

Excessive Use of Modern Device

Nerds have a very keen interest in modern technology. If you find yourself constantly using your IM or cell phone for contacting your roommate even when he is present in the room with you then it is a clear sign that you have become a nerd.

Growing Paranoia with Star Trek

Star Trek is by far the most important topic for a nerd and it would become impossible for him to stand people who do not like the series. If you have conspicuously learned the names of the cast and crew of the Stark Trek movies then clearly you have become a college nerd.

Growing Passion about Star Wars

Like Star Trek, Star Wars is also a topic that the nerds cannot stay away from. They just cannot help themselves from attending events being organized that have got something to do with Star Wars.

Increasing Interest in Writing Papers than Attending Classes

Nerds always remain ahead of the class. This means that when the professor is teaching chapter one they would have reached chapter seven and would have started thinking about the paper that they would be assigned by the professor soon. So, instead of attending classes, they would find it more appropriate to start preparing for the paper.

Constantly Changing Your Wi-Fi Password

The nerd’s interest in technology is clearly shown by the fact that he constantly changes his Wi-Fi password. The most common ones that he would use would be either names of alien races or his favorite Star Dates.

Connecting Everything with Your PC

Another indication of a nerd’s paranoia with technology is that he wants to connect everything with his PC so much so that even the temperature of the room and the lights are controlled by the PC.

Different Playlists for Different Subjects

If you have started making specific playlists when working on a project of a specific subject then you might have crossed the border and become a nerd for sure since only nerds are capable of taking such measures.

Increasing Efficiency in Note Taking

The best indication of a student being a nerd is his growing efficiency in note taking. The nerds are capable of making notes that are even better than text-books, which is why their friends turn to them for notes on any subject that they are having difficulty in understanding.

Remaining In Touch With Book Editors

The favorite past time of nerds is to check the books for spelling or factual mistakes. This is why they remain in constant touch with the book editors and continuously help them in eradicating the mistakes that have been made in the book, even though their efforts are never recognized.

Growing Interest in Repairing Computers

Nerds use providing help to people in repairing their computers as a way to meet people and make connections on the campus.

Increasing Paranoia with Course Numbers

Another sign that you are becoming a nerd is your increasing paranoia with course numbers. If you find even or odd course numbers or the ones that seem lucky to you more appealing than the course itself then you surely are on your way to become a nerd.

Adopting a Unique Way of Settling Disputes

Disputes or arguments in which nerds are involved usually are settled using Scissor-Paper-Rock.

Markedly Different Weekend Plans

The weekend plan of a nerd is entirely different from a common college student. He would like seeing Harry Potter movies and playing Star Trek RPG on weekends rather than partying with his friends.

Keeping Track of Your Grades

Grades are a concern for the nerds which is why they constantly keep track of their grades since the start of their college year.

Unique Choice of Care Packages

The parents of nerds keep in mind the condition of their child and send him anime DVDs and supplies he required for his next project rather than cookies and photos as part of his Care Package.

Becoming Increasingly Paranoid with Integration

It is the mission of a nerd to convince his teachers and his instructors that integration social media websites like Pinterest and Twitter in the curriculum is a must.

Semantics Matter a lot to you

Semantics are important for nerds and if you have developed a thing for them than you are surely close to becoming a bona-fide college nerd.

Strange Choice of College

The choice of the college made by a nerd is not on the basis of partying spots near the campus, but on the basis of the activity of the MMOG community there along with the location of libraries and bookstores.

Your Friends Play a Drinking Game about Your Room

The nerds often find themselves in situation when their friends start playing a drinking game about their room in which each calculator found in the room accounts to a single shot, while a pamphlet or any promotional material for a fictional school accounts for a double shot.