The introduction of an essay or paper is its most crucial aspect, as it compels the reader to continue reading the paper. This is the reason why most students find this part the most daunting. You have to convince the reader in a few short lines why reading your paper to the end is going to be an experience that he would come to enjoy, and this is why it is so necessary that your write this section of your paper in an engaging manner that hooks the reader’s attention instantly.

Include the Outline in the Introduction

When gearing up to write the introduction of an essay or paper, you must keep in mind the outline of the paper. You don’t necessarily have to include the whole of the outline in the paragraph, but do point towards it so that the reader gets the hint at what you are going to explain in your paper and how are you going to proceed with it. This becomes increasingly important when you are writing papers that are based upon complex ideas and require you to lay down the markers that are going to be explained further down in the paper. Moreover, longer essays also take advantage of an introduction that explains to the reader about the issues that are going to be tackled as he reads on.

Importance of the First Sentence

The beginning or opening sentence of the term paper is one that requires the most creativity. This line is going to be the first one read by the reader and therefore it has to be something special. However, it is not compulsory that you spend your energy in writing that first line from the start. If nothing special is coming to your mind then leave it aside for a while and continue on writing the paper until such time that your mind conjures up a line that you feel is best suited to start the paper with. You do not have to go back up to the beginning of the essay to write it down either. Just type it wherever you are and then copy paste is afterwards. This is necessary because you might lose your train of thought in an attempt to reach the top of the essay.
Another thing that you would have to keep in mind when writing that all important first sentence is not to make mistakes like using dictionary definitions in it. You might feel that it is going to give your introduction a scholarly feel but it won’t. So avoid it all costs. Moreover, don’t start off your paper with the topic statement of your paper. It is always best to get things rolling with an abstract idea and then relate it with your topic as you move ahead. It is going to hook up the attention of the reader from the first line and will compel him to read on further.

Get the Reader Hooked

Hooking up the reader’s attention is the basic purpose of an introductory paragraph and you would have to come up with a statement that can do exactly that for you. This statement can either be put at the start of the introduction or at its back end, but should have to be something that strikes a chord with the reader and prompts him to remain interested in the paper to the very end.