In case you going to a psychology class, it’s almost sure that you are going to be asked to write an APA Paper or even several. So what is an APA paper? The answer is very easy – it is a paper that is written by a format of the American Psychological Association.

When facing a challenge such as APA paper writing, you are going to start researching about all the rules that concern it and it is for sure that all those requirements are going to look very difficult for you to follow.


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Necessary steps of APA Paperin writing:

Look carefully through them and you will be able to complete your paper successfully.

Some Basic Rules for an APA Paper

  • To begin with, here are some of the most basic APA Paper format rules:
  • Margin on all sides has to be 1 inch;
  • Paper of a standard size 8.5×11 inches;
  • Font size 12 points;
  • Font name – Times New Roman (any similar font is also suitable);
  • Page number on the upper right corner;
  • Page header on the upper left corner.

APA Paper Structure

General guidelines concerning this issue are the same. There might be some differences in the APA Paper structure, depending on the specific type of paper that you have to write.
It doesn’t matter however what exact type of APA Paper that you are currently working on, there have to be four main sections included, such as: references, main paper body, an abstract and of course a title page.

Title Page: there are four major points that have to be included in it

  • Running head;
  • Paper title;
  • Your name;
  • school affiliation.

The Abstract: It consists of some not too big description of your APA Paper. The abstract page written just after the title page. APA format criteria demand that size of an abstract block should be somewhat in-between 150 to 250 words. However it is not necessarily has to be that way. It is very possible that you are going to receive special instruction about the size and content of your specific abstract block.

Main Body of APA Paper: This part of APA Paper may significantly differ, depending on what kind of paper you are writing. As an example, let us assume that it is your task to write a lab report. In this case you have to include such sections to your paper:

  • Introduction;
  • method section;
  • results section;
  • discussion section.

Specific instructions that concern writing the body of your paper should be separately discussed with your instructor.

References: The rule here is very simple – you try as hard as you can to include in it all the references that you have used in your APA paper. Any citation that you have used in the body of your paper has to be included to references section. References page should have title “References” that is centered at the very top of the page.

APA Paper writing – some final advices

You might find it convenient to split the entire process of APA Paper writing into several sections. First of all we advice you to start from a thorough research of all the available sources of academic information. While doing so, don’t forget to keep up with the references page as you should do it together with your main body of APA paper. The important thing to remember is that you only start writing your abstract section after you’ve finished the main body of the paper. In the end you just gather all your references to create a final references page and your title page. And finally here it is – your finished custom written APA paper. But don’t be in a hurry to pass it on right away, give it a time and review it to make absolutely sure that there are no mistakes present in it.

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